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Picture Meet Abbey "Puppy love"

The long and winding road that leads to your door Will never disappear I've seen that road before it always leads me here Leads me to your door. MEET ABBEY ROAD! This adorable little gal is a 1 year old puppy that was just rescued from the East Valley Shelter where she came in as a stray. She is a 15-pound, sweet-faced, and with her long legs Italian Greyhound with her CURLY Shiba Inu tail never stops wagging! This girl just wants to have fun!

Abbey Road is a fabulous little dog! We are looking for someone who wants to spend time with her and teach her what is expected of her so she can be a good canine citizen for the rest of her life. Like all puppies she would benefit from training and structure. She’s walking well on a leash and is good in the car. She is doesn’t have a mean bone in her body but because she’s doing some puppy mouthing a home with small children with not be right for her.

Being a puppy she is full of life and energy. She would make a great agility dog and is going to do best with an active person. She loves to PLAY - with you, with other dogs, with toys, with pieces of paper she finds on the floor. She loves to play in the yard and can chase a ball like nobody's business! But then, she will snuggle up next to you and rest up for next time. She really is a little love bug.

Abbey Road is spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. She is good with cats but likes to try to play with all creatures. She sleeps quietly in her crate at night, but revels in the opportunity to snuggle up under the covers with you if given the chance. She has been housebroken in her foster home.

Does Abbey’s long and winding road lead to your door? If you open the door and let her in you will get her unconditional love and a life time of adventure & FUN!


MEET Newman. Newman had a rough start, but The Rescue Train has promised him a happy ending. Our rescue got a call that Newman was injured and living on the street. Animal Control never came to help him and concerned neighbors were very worried as no one could catch him. After a couple of nights the Rescue Train was able to bring him in and rush him to the vet. This poor pup had been hit by a car and has a broken pelvis, hip and leg. X-rays showed that he was also shot by BB gun. Even though he was in extreme pain he never tried to protect himself. He is a gentle and shy soul.

Newman is now in a loving foster home and his broken bones and spirit are healing. We have to keep him crated and quiet to mend his pelvis. At the end of June he will have a follow up with the vet to see if needs surgery on his hip. Until he is through that we are listing him as a special needs dog however we expect a full recovery. We can’t wait until the day when Neman is running and playing. His DAY WILL COME!

Newman is a 3 year old Welsh Corgi mix. He weighs 18 pounds. He seems to like other dogs. After all he's been through he is nervous around new things but does warm up and is a little lover once he feels safe. We are looking for a mellow home where someone has a lot of love to help him cross over to the good life.

Newman is neutered, vaccinated, crate trained and microchipped and if he does need hip surgery it will be covered by The Rescue Train. Can you open your heart and home to a special soul? In return you will get a lifetime of unconditional love! Meet Schnozy Come Snuggle With Me!

Schnozy is a 4 year old, 20 lbs, Poodle/WestieTerrier mix. Once he feels safe around people he is a little lover. He actually gives hugs and is the greeter at The Rescue Train office. He goes from person to person to show them what a good boy he is. He’s quiet and well behaved. He's great in the car and very good when you bathe him.

When Schnozy came of the shelter he had bladder stones (probably from a poor diet). We had surgery to remove the stones and as a result he leaks small amounts of urine. He wears a belly band while inside.

He is reactive to other dogs, but we've done some training and he is now walking well on the leash much better around other animals. We had our professional dog trainer work with Schnoz and she feels he would be best as the only animal in the home. Whoever adopts him will get free private lessons. Because he needs to be further socialized with other animals we don't think he'd be the best match for a first time dog owner or a home with young children. He threatened by cats,and the jury is still out on if he could live with one. He is the kind of dog that is very eager to please. He listens and is trying to figure out what his handler wants. If he could talk we know he would say..."I'M A GOOD BOY I just need you to teach me what you want me to do!" He will blossom when he gets into a home. Schnoz is neutered, micro-chipped and current on vaccines. He's ready to wag his way into your heart! He deserves to find his place in this world. He’s going to make a wonderful companion for someone with a huge heart.


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