Need to Find a Loving Home

If you are visiting this page you are most likely a Good Samaritan that has found a lost or stray animal or an owner getting ready to surrender your pet.

Can The Rescue Train take your animal?

The odds are not good. Every day we get dozens of calls and emails asking us to take in animals. The sad fact is that Los Angeles has one of the worst pet overpopulation problems in the country and there simply are not enough homes. As a volunteer based group we have limited resources, funding, space and manpower. We are often at capacity. The reality is...

YOU are most likely your animal's only hope!

To find out if we currently have space please send an e-mail to Please attach the animal's story and a photo if available.

The good news is we have gathered a lot of useful information for someone in your circumstance.

Click here for "Re-homing Your Pet"
Click here for "Found A Lost Or Stray"
Click here for "Under Our Wing Program" (Learn how to do a private adoption)