The Healing Power of Pets

The Rescue Train is more than just an animal rescue. We recognize that the human-animal bond is a mutually beneficial and powerful relationship. Pets not only give us companionship and unconditional love, but they also are a key element in the quality of our life.

Here are just a few of the ways our pets improve our life on a regular basis:

  • EXERCISE - You are more likely to go on daily walks and be more active when you have a dog.  With a feline friend, you are bound to drag a toy across the room for entertainment and exercise.  These regular activities help burn calories and reduce pet parents’ blood pressure, making you less likely to get heart disease.
  • REDUCE STRESS - When petting your dog or cat, a relaxation hormone is released that helps sooth and ease any stress, potentially lowering your blood pressure.
  • LONELINESS - It’s a great feeling to know a living creature is always there for you, unconditionally, no matter how you feel or look on any given day. Pets give a sense of belonging and meaning, and you will feel less alone in the world.
  • SOCIAL FULLFILLMENT - Pets are always the center of attention, and you’ll be entertained by watching them and talking about them. They will always help give you opportunities to connect with other people.
  • HAPPINESS - A pet’s unconditional love and respect makes you feel supported and allows you to be happier, more positive person.
  • LOWER RISK OF ALLERGIES - Studies have shown that being around pets early in life can reduce the risk of developing allergies.

Community Outreach

Many of The Rescue Train’s innovative programs have been created to support the human-animal bond and to help keep pet owners with their companion animals during challenging times.

In 2012 Rescue Train volunteers rolled up their sleeves and went into some of the poorest areas of Los Angeles to hold mobile spay and neuter clinics. This plan was two-fold: to provide resources and to figure out why there’s an overwhelming pet overpopulation crisis, causing so many animals to enter our city and county shelters. This experience helped us create solutions to better fulfill our mission and be an example of compassion in action.

Rescue Train Programs and Recurring Events

  • Shelter Intervention
  • Pet Pantry
  • Mobile Spay/Neuter Clinics
  • Feral Fix LA - TNR
  • Pet Care Clinics