Services We Provide

The Rescue Train fulfills its mission with the following programs:

  • Rescue and Rehome

    Rescue & Rehome

    We save cats and dogs from Southern California city and county shelters and find them loving homes. We rescue all breeds, and we don’t shy away from senior animals or animals with treatable medical conditions. We believe it’s our duty to set up safe and successful adoptions and ensure each pet a good quality of life after it leaves our care. We pride ourselves on matching the right pet with the right owner for a lifetime of love and companionship.

  • FIX LA

    Spay & Neuter

    One breeding pair of cats and their offspring can produce 420,000 kittens and one breeding pair of dogs and their offspring can produce 96,000 puppies over a seven-year period. That’s a lot of animals needing homes! The Rescue Train is dedicated to spay and neuter; we believe it is the solution to pet overpopulation. We offer referrals to free and low-cost services to pet owners in need and hold mobile spay-and-neuter clinics in the Los Angeles area.

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  • Shelter Intervention

    Shelter Intervention

    Poverty directly contributes to shelter euthanasia. Our Shelter Intervention Program empowers low-income, senior and homeless pet owners with options other than surrendering their pets to public shelters. We are available to help teach other organizations how to run shelter intervention programs in their own communities.

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  • Pet Pantry

    Pet Pantry

    In many areas of Los Angeles people live in poverty and struggle to keep food on the table. The Rescue Train knows that how much money you make does not equal how much you love your pet. Our pet pantry helps low-income families, seniors living on fixed incomes, veterans and the homeless to feed their animals.

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